What is hydrogen water?

Hydrogen Water aka Molecular Hydrogen has been gaining in awareness in the last few years. And for good reason, as it has an amazing effect on our overall physical and emotional wellness. 

You're probably thinking: Isn't hydrogen in water, as in H2O? Yes, there are 2 hydrogen atoms bound to 1 oxygen atom, however, this is different from molecular hydrogen in that it is only 2 hydrogen atoms bound together, referred to as H2. OK, enough of the science, let's focus on the benefits of hydrogen water. 

We all know that free radical oxidative stress is harmful to the body, and is a contributing factor in many diseases. Hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant that helps the body flush out these harmful damaging organisms. Due to its small size, it can easily penetrate the cell wall to help rejuvenate and repair damaged cells. 

One of the easiest and fastest ways to get hydrogen into our bodies is by drinking hydrogen water.  

Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water

Based on my research from pubmed.gov and other sources, here a FEW things it can help with:

  • Inflammation (chronic pain, arthritis, joint pain)
  • Powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals
  • Blood purifier and detoxifier (lowers uric acid levels; alkalizing)
  • Kidney stones & gout 
  • Digestive disorders & acid reflux
  • Diabetes & blood sugar balance
  • Respiratory system (lung repair; allergies)
  • Boosts Glutathione (DNA repair; anti-cancer properties)
  • Immune system support
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Skin repair and anti-aging appearance
  • Improved athletic performance and recovery

My own experience includes less pain and inflammation, especially in my muscles and joints, less brain fog, better mental clarity and focus, increased energy, faster skin repair and better skin appearance, less sinus congestion, sounder sleep, better digestion and metabolism (come on weight loss!), and I can literally almost feel my cells repairing, like a good vibration is happening all over. All of this after only 2 weeks of drinking H2 water. 

My husband deals with uric acid kidney stones, and his body has been dissolving and releasing a lot of kidney stone fragments (visible as small rocks and sand in his urine), which is a great thing. H2 water has given it a dramatic boost, along with his regular protocol that includes citric acid tablets, Stonebreaker, and veggie caps of Tangerine and Celery Seed essential oil.  

Make Hydrogen Water at home

After experiencing the benefits of drinking H2 water myself for a couple of days, I knew I had to make it a permanent part of my lifestyle. It's important to find a source to generate H2 water throughout the day as needed, as the hydrogen potency (ppb levels) start to decline and dissipate after 1-2 hours. There are expensive machines out there that connect to a faucet and generate H2 water, starting around $2,000+, and you can purchase cans of H2 water at around $3 per can, again your choice. 

There is another option: I researched where I could get my own affordable, portable hydrogen water generator from a company that I trust, and ordered a QCup MAX from QLifetoday.com. When doing your own research, pay attention to the ppb levels and the technology used to generate the H2. It is recommended to drink 1-2 liters per day of 800-1200 ppb for optimal benefits. 

Below are the 3 different water generators by QLife, and all of them use the latest SPE/PEM platinum coated ion exchange membrane technology, as recommended by the Molecular Hydrogen Institute. I LOVE my QCup MAX. Scroll down for links to learn more about each of these generators. 

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FYI: Here's a LINK to learn more about hydrogen water generators from the Molecular Hydrogen Institute

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