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Here you'll find info on natural ways to improve your physical and emotional wellness, 
and ways to bring some fun and joy back into your life. 

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What do you need?

What would make the biggest difference in your life right now? 

  • Feeling physically healthy & strong with lots of energy? 

  • To stop feeling anxious, depressed, nervous or scared all the time?

  • Work that makes a difference & helps you financially?

We can help you get started with whatever you need to help you feel better now, so you can be there for the ones you love most, including yourself.  

Start with the foundation 

Take control of your 
moods & emotions 

Sharing wellness helps everyone

Hi, I'm Marti...

If we haven't met before, I'm Marti Winkler, and I live in Northern California with my husband Fred, and our dog Lexi.

I first started on a wellness journey back in 2009, and I discovered dōTERRA in 2013 when I was dealing with anxiety, and taking medication for it. I didn't know about the power of natural solutions including essential oils before then, so I didn't know I had a choice. Once I tried them and saw almost immediate results I just had to know more. (Balance Grounding Blend & Serenity Restful Blend were my first 2 oils. I use them daily along with Adaptiv Calming Blend oil and capsules.) 

Plant medicine, aka herbs and essential oils, are good for so many things, including digestive and respiratory issues, seasonal allergies, muscle and joint pain, headaches, cuts, bruises, skin issues, emotional support... the list goes on. If you're open to more natural, plant-based healthcare, pure essential oils may be a great option for you. 

Pure clean water, and most recently hydrogen water has played a huge role in our overall health and wellness. 
Check out the H2 Water page to learn more about molecular hydrogen. 

We're here to help you discover the things that work for you, whether you want to feel calm, happy, sane, whatever, or maybe you need a change in your financial situation. 

We're so grateful that dōTERRA and these other tools came into our lives, and by sharing them, we hope you get great benefit too.

Marti & Fred 

(P.S. I'm happy to say I'm no longer on any medications, as I've learned to manage my anxiety and other health issues with healthy habits, lifestyle changes and of course, essential oils.)

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